CI Products

At MHH we offer you the entire range of cochlear implant systems available worldwide (provided by four different manufacturers).

Speech processors are either worn behind the ear (BTE) or anywhere else on the body – depending on the CI recipient’s life situation (e.g. do they do sports? Are they babies or children?). The BTE is the most widely used type of processor, but parents in particular seem reluctant to opt for a non-BTE type model such as the Neptune, although this has enormous developmental advantages for young children.

The ones we present here are the commonest types made by different manufacturers, and those that most patients choose. You will find further information and design options if you click on the links to the manufacturers’ websites. All of these systems are very much conducive to the development of speech understanding.

All four manufacturers – Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, MED-EL and Oticon Medical – have outlets in our German Hearing Center and will be happy to advise you at an in-person consultation.

Implant systems by Advanced Bionics

Implant systems by Cochlear

Implant (left) and behind-the-ear (BTE) speech processor (right)

Implant systems by Med-EL

Implant (left) and behind-the-ear (BTE) speech processor with remote control (right)

Implant systems by Oticon Medical

Implant (left) and behind-the-ear (BTE) speech processor (right)