The MED-EL Bonebridge is a partially implantable active bone conduction implant system that consists of an externally worn audio processor and an implant surgically positioned under the skin.

It does not bring the auditory ossicles in vibration like hearing aids do. It is implanted in the bone and brings it into vibration. These bone vibrations are then transmitted directly to the inner ear.

These types of hearing systems (which are implantable and non-implantable) are called bone conduction hearing aids.

They are mainly used in patients who have unilateral deafness and in whom the hearing impressions of the deaf side are to be transmitted to the hearing side („CROS care“). In addition, Bonebridge is available for patients with severe middle ear deafness or no external external ear canal.

The ENT clinic of MHH used this system for the first time in a German premiere in 2011.















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