All DHZ therapists have extensive knowledge and experience both in working with hearing-impaired patients (children as well as adults) who carry a CI, as well as in counseling and guidance of the parents. This is why every patient can be treated with care by every therapist – of course, we know about personal individual therapist-patient relationships. We would like to take care of this and still critically examine the therapeutic results in the team. Each therapist is responsible for certain areas of the disease and brings his knowledge to the entire therapist team at regular intervals.


Dr. rer. biol. hum. Angelika Illg

  • Educational Director
  • Diploma in Medicine Pedagogy, scientific assistant
  • Since 1995 working in the CI area
  • Specialized areas: sequential bilateral CI care, CI in old age, CI and ABI in patients with dysplastic or no auditory nerve, long-term results in children


Doris Adams

  • Diploma pedagogue, medical speech therapist, systemic advisor, scientific assistant
  • Since 1992 in the CI area, first at the CIC Wilhelm Hirte, since January 2007 in the ENT-Clinic of MHH
  • Specialized areas: CI in children with additional special features (cochlear dysplasia, dysplastic auditory nerve, autism spectrum disorder, multiple disability)




B.Sc. Margarete Bojanowicz

  • Speech and language therapist
  • Since 2009 active in the CI area
  • Specialized areas: child language, CI in multilingualism


Alexandros Giourgas

  • Diploma pedagogue, scientific assistant, deputy educational director
  • Since 2008 active in the CI area
  • Specialized areas: early deaf adult patients, patients of older age, mentally stressed patients, children with challenging behaviors


Benita Kühne

  • Special eduaction teacher for hearing impaired, therapist for auditive verbal therapy (AVT)
  • Since 1987 in the CI area, initially in independent work in NRW/Germany, then in the USA and since 2003 in the ENT Clinic of MHH
  • Specialized areas: AVT from infancy age, also with children with additional peculiarities, intensive guidance of the parents


Urte Rost

  • Diploma pedagogue, scientific assistant
  • Since 1989 working in the CI-area
  • Specialized areas: ABI and AMI in adults, unilateral deafness in adults


Angelika Strauß-Schier

  • Diploma pedagogue, scientific assistant
  • Since 1990 active in the CI area
  • Specialized areas: Therapy of foreign-speaking adults and children, ABI children, CI in old age