Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Hannes Maier

Director MEI-Team

Professor for „Experimental Audiological Diagnostic“


Dr. rer. agr. Susan Busch

Diploma biologist

  • Since 2012 in the middle-ear implant team (MEI-team)
  • scientific assistant
  • Areas of specialization: Conducting clinical trials, hearing aid consultation and adjustment review, counseling and adaptation of partially implanted hearing systems (middle-ear implants and bone conduction hearing systems)


Thomas Giere

Hearing aid specialist

  • Since 2007 in the MEI-team
  • Specialized area: Adaptation of all conventional hearing aids, as well as partial and fully implantable patients (Baha, Ponto, Vibrant Soundbridge, Bonebridge, MET, Carina …)
  • children adjustment


Nina Wardenga


Dawid Murawski