The team of CI engineers at the DHZ is ready to adapt our 8,000 CI patients. Temporary support is provided by the -> CI-study team.

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Inform. Andreas Büchner

Scientific Director DHZ

Professor for „Auditory Implants“

Since 2003, Prof. Büchner has been the scientific director of the German Hearing Center in Hannover at the ENT Clinic at MHH. In addition to his research activities in the field of implantable hearing systems, he also works with the process optimization in the care of patients with hearing systems and contract arrangement with the cost carriers.

Contact: buechner(at)


Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Gärtner

Diploma physicist, graduate engineer

  • In the cochlear implant team of the MHH since June 2001 with high adaptation experience
  • Specialized area: Adaptation of ABI (Auditory Brainstem Implant / Brainstem Imaging) patients, electrophysiological measurements in patients with cochlear and brainstem implant
  • Promotion on: Development and validation of methods for the programming and program optimization of speech processors of cochlear implants for patients on the basis of objective measuring procedures.

contact: gaertner(at)

M.Sc. Wolfgang Kanert

Medical physicist, graduate engineer

  • Since 1990 in the CI area, first in the CIC Wilhelm Hirte, since November 2006 in the cochlear implant team of the ENT Clinic of the MHH
  • Almost 25 years of experience with cochlear implant adjustment
  • works with the simulation of problematic everyday listening situations in the laboratory via multi-channel audio methods, in order to further improve the hearing in noise
  • Specialized area: adjustment of children, electrophysiological measurements in patients with cochlear implant (CI), hearing in noise.

contact: kanert.wolfgang(at)

Daniel Kley



B.Sc. Ole Krüger

  • In the cochlear implant team since early 2014
  • His rapid perception and his background of engineering allowed him to quickly familiarize himself with the complex subject of cochlear implant systems

contact: krueger.ole(at)

Svenja Pape



B.Eng. Melanie Schmidtheisler


  • since October 2012 at the German Hearing Center
  • Controls the adaptation of all CI systems
  • Conducted the ProHearing Study (ACEMg Mediated Hearing Preservation in Cochlear Implant Patients Receiving Different Electrode Lengths), specifically focused on hearing and electroacoustic stimulation with the addition of vitamins.

contact: schmidtheisler.melanie(at)

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Rottmann

  • In the cochlear implant team since 2008 with great adjustment experience
  • Focused on the topic of directional hearing in cochlear implant patients and the combination of electrical and acoustic hearing
  • Since 2013, he has been promoting the development of cochlear implant language processing strategies with improved binaural time resolution
  • Specialized area: Signal processing strategies for improved directional listening, adaptation of patients with residuals (hybrid and EAS patients).

contact: rottmann(at)

Manfred Schwebs

contact: schwebs.manfred(at)

B.Eng. Denise Zimmermann

contact: zimmermann.denise(at)


CI-engineers study team


Dr. rer. nat. Eugen Kludt

Diploma Biologist

contact: kludt.eugen(at)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Waldo Nogueira

Professor for Auditory Prosthesis

– > see Research at ENT-Clinic at MHH

contact: nogueiravazquez.waldo(at)