CIC "Wilhelm Hirte"


Together strong for our patients

In Hannover, the hearing system supply is in the hands of competent partners:

  • ORL-Department and German Hearing Center (DHZ) at Hannover Medical School
  • Cochlear Implant Center (CIC) „Wilhelm Hirte“.

We form the world’s largest CI center. Every year, more than 500 patients in Hannover are provided with a cochlear implant. In addition, there are numerous patients who receive other hearing systems.

One of the main focus of the Hanoverian CI concept is the early care of children with a high degree of hearing loss and deaf children, who are already cared for in their first year of life.

Therapy in Hannover means above all:

  • Extensive counseling of the parents
  • Close networking of all professionals around the child
  • Technical adaptation based on objective data and the high-quality experience with adult patients as well as in the further course with the cooperation of the children.


Cochlear Implant Center „Wilhelm Hirte“
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